Invisocial Encrypted Social Network

Version 1.0

Terms of Use

Invisocial Encrypted Social Network is an online application that is offered as a free service to online users with all site features. The application is in beta version and thus being tested for various bugs from time to time. Therefore, we do not provide any warranty or assurances whatsover that the service will work as intended or featured.

The service offers its members a platform to create their personal, social or business profile and upload, share and exchange information among other members.

Member's are to use the service in its present form at their own risk and the developer will not be liable for any losses either in terms of material efforts or time spent by them in using the service either due to unavailability of the service or its improper functioning.

The website code is encrypted using an opensource encryption software and the developer does not offer any assurance that the encrypted code is free from any malware except by offering the user that the website is verified using Sucuri Website Malware and Security Scanner.

The Member's identity and information is encrypted using a common encryption key for all users and stored on our servers and we offer no service to recover this data if the member forgets their account username and/or password.

On decrypting the encrypted code, and accessing the common encryption key it is possible to decrypt the encrypted user data stored on the server. Thus the website or developer does not offer any assurance that their data is 100% protected by encryption.

If you want a 100% secure version of Invisocial, you will need to purchase the paid version, information on which is available at About Invisocial

The developer assumes as a member or visitor, you have read these terms before using the service and thus agree with it fully and unconditionally..


The information collected as part of registration of an account is encrypted and stored in our server.

The service does not use hard or soft cookies to track or store your information or data for any reason whatsoever.

The only information that is tracked is your computer or Internet service provider's IP address as a measure to comply with any local legal requirements of the future. This information is not used by the service for any other purpose.

The website can access your email address for purpose of communicating important site related information to you and the same will not be shared with any third party.

The service encrypts your personal information and identity using AES 256 encryption method and thus cannot be directly access by search engines or data mining tools or by hackers offering users a more secure social networking experience.

However, the phyical data files uploaded by the member are stored as is in its orignal format in their user defined folders.

Account Reporting and Deletion

You are solely responsible for information posted on this website using your account membership. The site host or owner is not held legally accountable for the information you have shared on the website or any conduct using therein.

If any user or third person comes across any objectionable behaviour by any other member of this website, the same has to be brought to the notice of the site administrator by writing to

If any registered member of this website is found to be involved in posting information or conducting activity using this website that is considered illegal or unlawful by the concerned legal authorities, the member's account can be deleted. Another ground for deleting a member's account is in providing false email address or an email address that cannot be reached or the member being in-active for more than 90 days.