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  1. 8 months ago ago via Invisocial

    An important update based on feedback from a user was made to Invisocial. This could be a new feature we would like to say.

    Premium users can now use a field in the Profile (Edit Profile) called PayPal ID (which is optional) to receive payments from people through their Public Profile Page which goes by

    You can see on this page next to the Visit Website button, a new button called Send Payment.

    When people click on this button, they will be taken to a payment page where the sender can enter an amount and click on the Secure Payment by Paypal button to open a Paypal form using which the sender can send payment to the the Invisocial user.

    So how can this be used? Well someone who is offering a service through their Public Profile Page can have their customers use the Send Payment button on the page to send them money.

    A Non-Profit Organization or NGO can collect donations.

    There could be more innovative uses of this button. Let us know if you have any thoughts.