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Interested In: Invisocial is an online service that aims to offer encrypted messaging, social and business networking. We are based out of Mumbai, India and San Francisco, USA

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    • Invisocial

      1 week ago ago via Web

      The founders @ Invisocial are not associated with a new social network that aims to solve people's problems by offering a platform for online users to share their problems, connect with other members facing similar problems and also with mentors and professionals who may have a solution.

      Ofcourse, we will continue to support Invisocial as the most private and secure social network out there.

      To sign up for free visit http://www.problemexpress.com

    • Invisocial

      2 months ago ago via Web

      Thank You for Signing Up @ Invisocial. Wishing you and your loved ones, a very Happy New Year 2017 - Invisocial Team.

    • Invisocial

      7 months ago ago via Web

      Porteus Linux Wizard - Build your own Linux OS

      If you want to shift from Windows to a Linux based Operating system, build your own that runs from your USB Pen drive. Build easily your own Porteus!


    • Invisocial

      7 months ago ago via Web

      Those who wish to move away from Facebook for private communication and instead use InviSocial, we have made it much easier by enabling Facebook login using which you can sign up and sign in to InviSocial using the Sign In with Facebook button.

    • Invisocial

      8 months ago ago via Web

      Couple of More Updates at Invisocial today to make things more interesting.

      One update is about the Feeds from Status Updates. You can now click on the Photos/Videos button to view only those status updates that contain a picture or a Video.

      Second Update is displaying and playing the latest public video posted by a member.

    • Invisocial

      8 months ago ago via Web

      Another update has happened on Invisocial. As you visit the profile of a person who has added you as a friend (Click on Fans from Connections Menu or click on the Profile Picture of a Most Active Member),there are three new buttons to view the Friend's Wall, Photos and Videos.

      Clicking on the Wall button will show all the updates posted by the Friend.

      Clicking on the Photo button will show only those updates that has a picture.

      Clicking on the Video button will show only those updates that has a video.

    • Invisocial

      8 months ago ago via Web

      An important update based on feedback from a user was made to Invisocial. This could be a new feature we would like to say.

      Premium users can now use a field in the Profile (Edit Profile) called PayPal ID (which is optional) to receive payments from people through their Public Profile Page which goes by https://www.Invisocial.com/Yourusername

      You can see on this page next to the Visit Website button, a new button called Send Payment.

      When people click on this button, they will be taken to a payment page where the sender can enter an amount and click on the Secure Payment by Paypal button to open a Paypal form using which the sender can send payment to the the Invisocial user.

      So how can this be used? Well someone who is offering a service through their Public Profile Page can have their customers use the Send Payment button on the page to send them money.

      A Non-Profit Organization or NGO can collect donations.

      There could be more innovative uses of this button. Let us know if you have any thoughts.

    • Invisocial

      8 months ago ago via Web

      Good News @ Invisocial. We have now moved from a free server to a more secure and faster paid server hosted by dreamhost.com

      This means Invisocial offers SSL/Encrypted data transfer and the service is now directly available at InviSocial.net

      We have also re-introduced the premium upgrade feature using which free members can upgrade to a premium membership for an introductory, one time fee of USD $9.99.

      All existing free members are automatically upgraded to premium membership for FREE.

      This will allow us to continue to offer the service without using advertisements.

      Members who join for FREE will be able to access all features as the premium members except for a limitation on space for uploading photos and files being limited to 100 MB whereas Premium members get 2 GB of space.

      Also a recurring income will allow us to ward off external funding as also upgrade the service with better features.

    • Invisocial

      9 months ago ago via Web

      Invisocial has figured in as an alternative to the Big 3 Social Networks