Welcome to Invisocial's Donation Page

Invisocial is managed and maintained on a shoe string budget with a limitation on server space.

We are hoping the number of users will increase as also the demand for bandwidth and server space both of which will need upgrading over period of time. For now, no one at Invisocial is getting paid a salary and people are putting in their spare time to keep the site online.

Which means we cannot have a dedicated team to create help guides, provide technical support and improve on the service as fast as user demands.

All of this can change with your generous contribution and we do not have to place advertisements or seeking funding from third party investors and thus give up our autonomy to provide
a free and uncensored platform.

Your contribution can also help us fend of any legal challenges that may arise and thus keep the site alive.

You may contribute any amount from $1 onwards by entering your Email address, the Amount you wish to donate and then click on the Secure Payment by Paypal button.

This will open the secure PayPal payment form where you can login to your PayPal account to complete the payment or use the Debit/Credit Card option to make your donation.

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