Split Identity Authentication

Enter your password on your registered mobile device. Access your Invisocial account from any other computer by entering your username.

This ensures malware or keyloggers never get access to both the username and password.

How it Works

AES 256 Encryption

Your data is encrypted using enterprise grade AES 256 encryption which is further secured using Invisocial's cloak and dagger, hacker defeating agorithm.

Ensuring that even if hackers download the data on the server, it cannot be decrypted.

How it Works

Password Less Authentication

Using the Password Less USB Login Windows App, you can register and login without having to define or enter a password.

This ensures that not only you have a very strong password but it is generated only when you insert your registered USB device.

How it Works

Visit the InviSocial GitHub Repository to gain an insight into the Algorithm.

InviSocial is Simple & easy to use

If you have used an online account before, getting started using InviSocial is a piece of cake..

1. Sign Up New Account

Fill in the Sign Up form with all the correct details such as your Email Address, Username and Password. You may also use USB Login to generate the Password.

3. Upgrade Account

Once signed-in to your account the first time, click on the Upgrade Account link to avail of the full features of Invisocial.

5. Update your Blog

Write a few words about yourself or your company on your Invisocial Account blog. You may now review you public profile at Invisocial.com/u/UserName

6. Invite Free User

Click on Invite User link to add a Free user to your account network. To invite more users, you can click on Add Users link.

2. Account Sign In

On the Login page, enter your UserName and Password to sign in to your InviSocial account. You may also use USB Login to sign in using the USB Password.

4. Update Profile

Click on Edit Profile link to update your Invisocial Account Profile with all the details. Change your Profile Picture.

7. Start Using Invisocial

Create Groups, Add Friends, Update Contacts, Save Online Identities, Upload Files, Take a Snap or Upload a Picture or simply share your thoughts with friends and groups.

  • Create a Free Social, Community or Business Network.
    Install on your Website for $99.99
  • Using the Groups feature, one can group friends, family and employees and share files, contacts, updates, identities with a particular group.
    How to Group Connections!
  • All text data saved on Invisocial is encrypted using an innovative hack proof AES 256 bit algorithm making it impossible for hackers to decrypt server data.
    Encrypted Communication
  • Communicate with external contacts by sending plain text or encrypted email using the Contact Manager.
    Contact Manager
  • Save Online Identities using the Identity Manager and share access to your online accounts with other users without sharing passwords.
    Identity Manager
  • Upload and Share Images and Links about your anything using the Share Picture feature.
    Advertise on Invisocial
  • Take a Picture using your Webcam and Share it with your friends.
    Take a Selfie
  • Chat with your online friends using encrypted Chat feature.
    Engage in Encrypted Chat
  • Use the Privacy feature to engage in anonymous and Private Surfing and File Encryption.
    Privacy Features
  • InviSocial.COM Service
  • FREE Service ( Demo )
  • + Show features
    • Online Social & Business Networking Service
    • AES 256 Bit Data Encryption
    • Login using Facebook
    • Create a Private Network
    • Invite and Manage Users
    • Password/Bookmark/Contact Manager
    • Create and Share with Groups
    • Share Documents
    • Internal Messaging
    • Private Chat
  • InviSocial Hosted
  • Starting $99.99/Domain
  • + Show features
    • Hosted on Your Website/Server
    • AES 256 Bit Data Encryption
    • Login using Facebook
    • Create a Private Network
    • Invite and Manage Users
    • Password/Bookmark/Contact Manager
    • Create and Share with Groups
    • Share Documents
    • 24x7 Lifetime Online Support
  • CryptoShare Hosted
  • Starting $999.99/Domain
  • + Show features
    • Hosted on Your Website/Server
    • AES 256 Bit Custom Data Encryption
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • Customized Features
    • Integration with Existing Website
    • Source Code Ownership
    • Custom Internal Pages
    • 90 Days Development Support
    • 24x7 Lifetime Online Support

Services | Partners | Contact

Securing Authentication

We offer to analyze and test your existing authentication solution and suggest remedies and solutions to protect your gateway from hackers and spammers.

Secure Data Sharing and Encryption

We offer to analyze and test your existing data storage and encryption system and suggest remedies and solutions to protect the same from data and identity theft.

Website Security Testing

We offer to test your website for any vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers and this involves your interface or internal code.

Social Media and WordPress Security

We offer to maintain and manage security of your blogs/social media accounts ensuring that these are not hijacked or hacked by third party.

Startup Support/Mentoring

Being a startup and having gone through the roller coaster ride of starting a venture, we offer to share our experience and help other early stage startups, more specifically in the IT/Security domain with respect to booting up, seeking funding, IP Protection, product development, business development, marketing, etc.

Check out the startups who have connected with us in the past: Invisocial Startups

AdoRoi Tech Ventures is a company involved in marketing science as well as security products.

We provide consulting to their top management on security issues and share concepts as well as technical assistance to their inside sales team.

AdoRoi is the marketing and business development partner of InviSocial.

Our Founder, Gurudatt Shenoy is the Editor and Writer of this Blog.

WhackHack.com provides an opportunity to security startups to showcase their solutions by solving the issues mentioned on the blog.
About Us

We are not yet incorporated as a corporate entity and the project is financed, developed and managed by a team of professionals who have made a mark in their respective fields, and have come together for a common cause to offer privacy and security on the Internet.

Sales and Marketing

C/o Adoroi Tech Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
509 Nirmal Lifestyle Corporate Center
L.B.S.Marg, Mulund West
Mumbai, 400 080.

Email: invisocial.com@gmail.com